PA Manna Achieves Accreditation With Excellent Value A

Good news visited Manna Religious Court. The letter of the Director General of Religious Courts dated 21 November 2017 concerning Coordination Meeting and the Submission of Certificate of Accreditation of Quality Assurance of Religious Courts attach the names of Religious Courts along with APM assessment results in 2017. At point C for category of Religious Courts / Syar’iah Class II Court on number 8 appears the name of the Manna Religion Court with the title of Excellent A. Together with 24 other satker PA Manna got the predicate of A excellent in this category, the rest with predicate B.

On the occasion of Manna PA general meeting held on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, Chairman of PA Manna, Mr. H. Hartawan, S.H., M.H., expressed his gratitude and thanks for the hard work of all parties in realizing this accreditation. “We must maintain and keep improving the existing deficiencies,” he said. The same thing was also conveyed by the Chairman of SAPM PA Manna which in this case is held directly by Vice Chairman of PA Manna, Mr. Rusdi, S.Ag., M.H. “Weight keep what we get now. We must fulfill what is still lacking and must maintain the cleanliness of PA Manna “he said.

Meanwhile, through the website Chairman of the Religious High Court of Bengkulu, Mr. H. Alwi Mallo not to say congratulations on the accreditation of the accreditation that has been achieved this PA Manna. “The leadership of PTA Bnegkulu congratulate and success for the leadership of PA Manna and all his staff managed to get accreditation with the value of A Excellent may bring berka” he said.

Thanks to all parties for their cooperation so far, both SAPM team of PTA Bengkulu and SAPM team of Religious Courts, especially SAPM PA Manna team. Hopefully with A Excellent predicate increase the spirit of PA Manna to always clean up and make improvements in order to realize the best service to the community.

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