The Last Religious Court of Manna Outside Hosting in 2017 | Tuesday, November 14, 2017 The Religious Court of Manna Class II holds an Outside House (Sounds) Meeting. This circuit activity is the last trial of a series of trial programs outside the Manna Religious Court building in South Bengkulu Regency, Kaur District and Seluma Regency in Fiscal Year 2017.

This outdoor session was held in Ulu Manna sub-district, precisely at the Ulu Manna District office. Arriving at the Office of the Camat, the romance of the Manna Religious Court was welcomed by the Head of Sub-district and his staff. The entourage in charge of this mobile court consisted of 10 people: 3 Judges, 4 Substitute Registrars and 2 Persons of Honorary Workers.

The trial finally began at 09 o’clock. OO WIB which took place in one of the rooms that had been used as a temporary courtroom that had been prepared before. At this Mobile Court there are not many cases in the Manna Religious Court, which amounts to 10 (ten) cases. The details of the matter are as follows: 9 cases of Marriage Itsbat and 1 Divorce Ceremony.

From the results of the trial outside the building on this day obtained the results of 10 cases: 5 cases in kabulkan, 4 cases proceed to prove in the Office of Religious Court of Manna and 1 case revoked. Alhamdululillah the trial runs in an orderly manner and smoothly as well as the tour group around Manna PA back to Manna (Manna PA Office) at 14.00 pm.

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