“Silaturahim Shall Prolong The Life In Dunya, Isn’t it?”

www.pa-manna.go.id  | Tuesday (15/05) The Manna Religion Court Big Family periodically held a regular social gathering, which called arisan, at one of its employees house. This time the arisan was held at the residence of Mrs. Zana Sulasteri, SH, together with her family who addressed at Jl. Semain RT.02 No. 55 Kel. Gunung Ayu, Kec. Kota Manna Kab. South Bengkulu. Mrs. Zana Sulasteri, SH, is a Young Clerk of Lawsuit in Manna Religious Court.

Arriving at her house, the group of Manna Religious Court immediately greeted warmly by the owner of the house. When the event started around 15:00 pm, the Chairman of Manna Religious Court (PA Manna), Mr. H. Hartawan, SH., MH. deliver his speech representing the family of PA Manna.

In his speech the Chairman of the Manna PA expressed his gratitude to Allah for the opportunity to gather and made this silaturrahim. He also feeling great that the owner of the house giving the warm welcome to them. Replying the speech of PA Manna Chairman, the owners of the house (Mrs. Zana and Husband) say many thanks to the PA Manna Family Member who had willingness to come to their house in arisan event with a wishing that this arisan will always unite them.

The event was closed with a prayer reading delivered by Wawan Mulyawan, Lc. (CPNS Cakim PA Manna). Then proceed with a meal that has been prepared by the expert home. Alhamdulillah this gathering event runs smoothly and PA Manna Members going back to office around 16:15 pm {KIM}





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