Chairman : “This is The Real JIHAD”          | Thursday (17/05) At 12.30 WIB at Mushola Baitul ‘Adli in Manna Religious Court looks different from the usual day. This is because in this month of Ramadhan, after dzuhur prayer there is activity called kultum, religious speech. Actually this is a little different from the common kultum in which the activity was always held ba’da ashar, but during this Ramadhan, it should be adjust with the determined working hours from Governent.

On the first day of this fasting month, the speech was presented by the Chairman of Manna Religious Court, Mr. H. Hartawan, SH., MH, with Mr. Rahmat Yudistiawan, S.Sy (CPNS Cakim) as the host. On this occasion the Chairman of the Manna PA conveyed his theme, “The Real Jihad“.

He conveyed that in the month of Ramadhan we should have intent it as the moment of truth of fasting to obtain the best blessing from Allah Ta’ala. Allah promise to multiply the reward to whoseever worshiping Allah with the best intention. It is not good being lazy in fasting month for we might not come through the next Ramadhan.

Fasting which we carry out in this month of Ramadhan should be fulfill with inner struggle. For in this month we will face a great war (Jihad). Great war is when we facing appetence – temporal appetency “, said the Chairman.

According to him jihad is indeed a struggle, but that does not mean jihad is something radical. As we know lately there are some groups, confess performing jihad in the way of Allah by killing others cruelly, even fellow of Muslims themselves and suicide. Yet people of Moeslem already knew that jihad is not identical with damaging or killing.

Especially in this month of fasting we should be strong to hold on what have been determined by Allah. In normal day, eating and drinking are something that kosher even obligatory, but in this month we should avoid it all during fasting time as Allah has determined it as a forbidden matter in Ramadhan “, he continued.

At the end of the speech he invite us to order ourselves in this Ramadhan and enjoy the fast we do. But the favors and solemn in worship for Allah that is the most important. InsyaAllah our fast service is accepted by Allah Ta’ala and we are included into the paradise through a special of fasting. Amiiin. {KIM}

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