Evaluation Meeting Of The Performance Manna Religious Courts

www.pa-manna.go.id | Monday (30/07) The Religious Court of Manna Class II again held a monthly regular meeting on performance evaluation. The event which took place at PA Manna Hall was attended by all employees-employees, either from officials to honorary staff.

Completed early morning apple held at 08.30 pm all employees and honorary Religious Court Manna directly gathered in the Hall to attend the event this meeting. The event started with the official opening of the PA Secretary Manna Maryanti, S.H. by reading bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

In the meeting, Chief Justice of the Religious Court Manna H. Hartawan conveyed several issues that will be discussed, especially regarding the performance of PA Manna during the last few months which need to be evaluated.

First, he started by evaluating the discipline in terms of office hours. As it is commonly known that the Supreme Court through its regulations has established working hours for courts located throughout Indonesia.

According to the Chairman of Manna PA problems during this time instead of working hours in or go home. But that is often the material of evaluation that is when the break.Why is that, because of frequent employees who are late when they return to the office after the break, which should be back at 13.00 according to Supreme Court regulations. But what happens there are still employees who exceed the specified time limit. He hopes the future can be further improved discipline in terms of working hours, especially during break time.

Secondly, the Chairman of PA Manna reminded the employees to install or eat the ID Card of the Supreme Court if they already have it, especially for the judge who is obliged to say he. Because it is an identity and pride we as citizens of religious courts under the Supreme Court.

In this meeting, Chairman of Manna PA also briefly mentioned about the event of PTWP Cup Supreme Court competition which will be held in Bali in September. He said that PA Manna must have a contribution in the event, be it with his human resources and his budget if that is possible.

At the end he told all employees-employees to continue to improve performance and keep the discipline that has been good enough. Because with improving the performance and discipline of course will also increase the services provided by the Religious Court of Manna to the public as the justice seekers who should be served with the prime and best.

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