Deputy Chair of the PA Manna War Against Narcotics | The more developed and developed a country is, the more and more challenges are faced by the country. The more rapid development of technology, the faster the various crimes that appear and that are not visible to the eye.

Indonesia is one of the many developing countries that have undergone many changes to become developed countries. It is also what we see today that is the cause of the increasing number of crimes that lurk the community, especially the teenagers who are predicted to be in the future will continue the struggle and ideals of the country in the future.

One of the most massive crimes occurring in this country is the increasingly widespread circulation of drugs in the midst of society. Then, what have we done to prevent the harmful effects of drugs on our children, grandchildren and family and what steps have we taken to combat this drug?

Therefore, the South Bengkulu Regency National Narcotics Agency (BNN) on Wednesday (08/08) held an event titled Stop Drug Campaign. The event with the theme “unifying and mobilizing all national forces in the fight against drugs, to create a healthy Indonesian society without drugs”.

This event took place at the Manna Youth Building which began at 08.00 WIB by being officially opened by the plt. South Bengkulu Regent represented by Sekda. And also present was the Bengkulu Province BNN, South Bengkulu FKPD elements, religious leaders, community and cultural figures as well as students from each school located in South Bengkulu. Vice Chairman of PA Manna Rusdi, S.Ag. M.H also attended the event which lasted until noon.

In the stop drug campaign this time, BNN South Bengkulu also presented performances of cultural arts in the form of dances, penabuhan dol and anti-drug dramas displayed by students. Manna PA staff also participated in beating Dol on stage with other officials and also received anti-drug activist pins.

“Drugs are extraordinary crimes that can destroy the integrity of the nation. Therefore we must fight together. Indonesia is a promising drug market and has an appeal for the city. Not just individuals but also many groups. Not even just a national scale but has become an international market. So we don’t fight it in half, but we must fight it comprehensively and massively. ” Said the Head of South Bengkulu BNNK AKBP. Ali Imron in his speech.

With this event will certainly have a positive impact for us all. Because if we are not moving against drugs, who else will start, starting with ourselves, family, friends and Indonesian nation. The Manna Religious Court will continue to support the drug-free Republic of Indonesia.

Say No To Drugs. {KIM}

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