Deputy Chairperson: From Manna to Natuna | Monday (08/13) For judges in all of Indonesia the results of the Rapim (leadership meeting) of the Supreme Court are something that is eagerly awaited and also thrilling to the heart. How come not every TPM comes out there will be the names of judges who will move assignments, whether it gets promotion to be the chairman, deputy chairman, whether it is moving the area or not is something they are waiting for.

That also happened, at a time ago the Supreme Court through the Directorate General of Religious Courts (Badilag) through its website officially issued the results of the Supreme Court report. It was stated in the letter dated August 9, 2018 that the Supreme Court Leadership Meeting and the Promotion and Mutation Team Meeting of Judges had made decisions regarding the results of the meeting in the Religious Courts.

In the appendix totaling 13 (thirteen) pages, exactly on page 7 (seven) No. 173 stated the name Rusdi, S.Ag., M.H who is the current Deputy Chairperson of PA Manna. And he will soon move to Natuna Regency, which is one of the regencies in the Riau Islands which is the northernmost island in the Karimata strait.

He served in the Manna Religion Court for approximately 1 year before being a judge at the Argamakmur IB Religious Court. Not only Manna PA Waka will move assignments in the near future. For example, Deputy Chairperson of Bengkulu PTA Drs. H. Abd Hamid Pulungan will also be transferred to become Deputy Chairperson of PTA Jambi. And also Manna PA will get an additional judge from PA Tembilahan, namely Riki Dermawan, S.H.I.

With the release of this TPM, the Manna PA extended family certainly congratulates the Deputy Chairperson Rusdi, S.Ag., M.H for being promoted to become Chairperson of the Natuna PA. We wish you success and success later in a new place. {KIM}

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