Procedure of the Court

The trial participants come before the trial schedule. The trial participants came dressed politely and neatly. For men to wear a cap and for women to wear Muslim clothing.

The trial participants who have come first report to the hearing officer and take the queue number. The trial participants who had reported to the court officers waited in an orderly manner in the waiting room. The trial participants enter the courtroom, if they have been summoned and are permitted by the hearing officer.

The trial participants before entering the courtroom must deactivate their mobile phones.

The trial participants are prohibited from carrying sharp weapons and firearms that endanger other parties. The trial participants are prohibited from bringing children into the courtroom. The trial participants are prohibited from smoking in the courtroom.

The trial participants must follow the court rules and must obey all the orders of the judges during the trial.


Manna, September 18, 2017


Hartawan, S.H., M.H.

NIP. 19560929 198103 1 004

Article 2017 Criminal Code

Anyone who causes noise in a court hearing or in a place where an official is carrying out his legal duties in public, and does not leave after being ordered by or on behalf of the competent authority is liable to a maximum of three weeks’ imprisonment or a fine of a maximum of eight hundred rupiah .