Information Copy Fees

1.  The cost of obtaining information is charged to the Applicant
2 The cost of information as referred to in item 1 consists of duplication costs (for example photocopies) of information requested and transportation costs to carry out the duplication
3 The doubling fee as referred to in item 2 is the real cost determined by the doubling service provider
4 PPID supervisors determine the real cost of transportation to duplicate information as referred to in point 2 by taking into account the condition of the area, in the event that the costs are needed (for example the location of the provider of duplication services is far from the Court)
5 Requests for information regarding duplication of decisions or stipulations are not subject to leges fees because what can be given to the applicant is not an official copy


Submission of derivatives / copies of decisions / court decisions Lembar 300,-
Shows letters to interested parties regarding the documents stored in the Registrar’s Office Berkas 10.000,-
Find letters stored in archives that are not requested 0.-
Legalization of signatures Putusan 10.000,-
Registration of power of attorney to represent the party in court Akta 5.000,-
The cost of making an incidental power of attorney Surat Kuasa 5.000,-
Endorsement of the letter under hand Surat 5.000,-
Leges per decision Putusan 3.000,-