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www.pa-manna.go.id | Wednesday (05/23), a cool day to join the spiritually speech from Mr. Aceng Rahmatullah, S.sy – one of the Judges Candidate, who was following a Prajab at the Manna Islamic Court. What are his messages in a 7-minute lecture?

Verily for every thing that we do, Allah will reward it both in the world and in the Hereafter, and Allah promises to raise the degree of his creatures by two conditions: regarding faithful and knowledgeable …” is a sentence quoted from his words. Very brief and full of advantages Mr. Aceng pointed it out in Mushola Baitul Adli Manna Islamic Court. With a relatively calm voice, he said that faith is a creature’s belief in Allah and sincerely carries out the commandments and avoids his restrictions as contained in the Qur’an and Hadith.

It is further emphasized that people are said to have knowledge when fulfilling three stages; knowledge following by the feel of fearness to Allah, the knowledge obtained then it implemented, the knowledge that is accompanied by the sincere nature of Allah. The third stage is the condition that is named as the highest human charity. “… this sincerity, insyaAllah, could save the soul in the hereafter.”

The lectures which attended and observed by structural and functional Management were closed with hamdallah by the audience. Exactly 7 minutes, Mr. Aceng finished delivering his Islamic message on the 7th days of Ramadan. May we all be blessed with the feeling of Lilahita’ala sincerity in ourselves for all the positive things we do throughout our ages. {RR-WWN}

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