Peace in Ramadhan | Thursday (24/05), is the second trial of a Divorce Case between a couple of husband and wife. After 2 times through Ramadhan, in this 3rd Ramadan is a great blessing from Allah Ta’ala to them who were already registered the case to Manna Islamic Court on March 15. Then what to do with Peace In Ramadan?

Initially, in an amicable settlement before directly to the courtroom, by the Chairman of Religion Court of Manna (KPA Manna), Mr. Hartawan, SH., MH, has not found a common ground yet. Then at the second session, Panel of Judges chaired by the Vice Chairman of Religion Court of Manna, Rusdi, S.Ag., MH, whose members are Ahmad Ridho Ibrahim, SHI., MH and Fahmi Rifai, SHI, alhamdulillah was succeed to generate the word ‘peace’ from both Party.

3 years been apart did not close the hearts from both of them to be back together, tolerate with the interests of each other while forgiving each other past mistakes. InsyaAllah their noble intentions in this glorious month are multiplied by the blessing of Allah, and may the team in the Islamic Court of Manna always be blessed in performing the service for the people. {}

“The kosher thing that Allah hates is Taqala is thalaq (divorce).” (Translated Hadits Abu Daud’s No. 2178, Ibn Majah No.2018, and Baihaqiy No. 15292).

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