Don’t be Angry… there is heaven for you | Monday (05/28), remained with the spirit of Monday tasted like Friday, Manna Islamic Court personnels and their leaders attended the kultum in this month of Ramadan. Mr. Wawan Mulyawan, Lc, who is one of CPNS Judges Candidate and is undergoing the habituation in the Manna Islamic Court, coincides once to be a lecturer today. What would he need to say?

“Do not be angry ..”, is 7 minutes lecture (kultum) opening sentence. He said that it was an excerpt from the answer given by the Messenger of Allah, Rasulullah , ¬†when someone asked him a will. The following hadeeth: from Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: “Give me a will.” Then he replied, ‘Do not be angry.’ The man repeated his request, (however) the Prophet replied, Do not be angry ‘” (Narrated by Bukhari). As human beings, we certainly do not escape the blame. How we avoid it, is the one thing to note. Anger, one of them. Anger is the fruit of Syaitan’s against his seduction to the son of Adam. Our inability to control our emotions (anger), has many deplorable actions that are reprehensible, with which we often repent. Self-control of anger is one of the testament of the Prophet to his people.

Mr. Wawan also conveyed tips in avoiding Shaitan’s seduction. Our first attempt is ta’wudz (reciting lafadz, ‘A-‘uudzu bil-laahis samii-‘il’ a-lii-mi minas syai-thaa-nir ra-jiim), when the anger has not subsided, followed by ablution. The essence feeling of anger is hot burning inside, then quenched with the water of ablution ..” he continued. If the anger is not sufficiently extinguished with the above 2 steps, silent it’s gold is prevail. The silence of an angry person, can prevent him from things that can hurt others. “If anger comes when we are standing, our next effort is to sit down to change mood and vice versa (otherwise) …”. Mr. Wawan gives us the last form of endeavor to endure anger is to go to a distracting place and then dampen and ultimately eliminate our anger.

“The month of Ramadan is one of our means to learn to restrain the emotions that exist within us. Hopefully in this month we are given the ability to improve the quality of ourself in front of Allah“.

“Aamiin ya rabbal ‘alamin”, welcomed the attendees in attendance. {}

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