Benefaction and Sin | Tuesday (22/05), Ramadan kareem .. inshaAllah for us all. Stay at the Baitul ‘Adli Mushola Manna Islamic Court (PA Manna), a seven-minute lecture was held. It was Mr. Jajang Husni Hidayat, SHI – Judge Candidate who is undergoing Prajab in PA Manna. What a sunny day, alhamdulillah following with self-correction for every benefaction and sin that we have done. The thoroughness of the implications of the suggestion and rejection in the Qur’an and the Hadith is a must in achieving the purpose of life, which is living in Jannah.

In his lecture, Mr. Jajang said that we can do any benefaction and sin that might lead us to Heaven or Hell. How could? What is the provision?

Almost everyone present here has certainly been the hadith of Imam Bukhari, 2129 which tells of a caged cat from a master, after long time caged, it died … it is told that his Master behaviour for the cat is the one who drove his master to the door of hell.

He said treating animals well is an example of things we might do, but in the end it can be fatal to us later. Then continued, “The Messenger of Allah has said, ‘in every wet (there is something alive) there is a reward.'” (Mutaffaq ‘alaih). The word of the Prophet is based on a Hadith which tells of a young man who took a cup of water for a thirsty dog. Take the water is a small act for us, but it may save the life of the thirsty dog, in his history, to the treatment of the young man to the dog, Allah grant his forgiveness to the Youth.

From these narrations it can be deduced that we as human beings should be careful of the bad things that can be done and done for everything else. May Allah Ta’ala always give guidance to us as his creatures. {WWN-RR}

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