Dive into The Quiddity of Taqwa

www.pa-manna.go.id | Monday (21/05) / 5 Ramadhan 1439 H located at Musholah Baitul ‘Adli Islamic Court of Manna re held a 7 minutes lecture activity or spiritual splash performed after Dzuhur prayer. This time, Mr. Ahmad Ridho Ibrahim, SH., MH, (Judge PA Manna) had an opportunity to deliver the lecture with theme “Dive Into The Quiddity of Taqwa “.

“As we already knew that the commandment of fasting is contained in Al-Qur’an, Surah Al-Baqarah:183, which contains a commanded regarding fasting in order helping people to be a believers. Faith is not only the sense of carry on all the commandments and avoiding any proscription from Allah Ta’ala, but faith / taqwa is like what Ali bin Abi Talib r.a had been told to umat; there 4 quiddities of Taqwa”, said Mr. Ahmad Ridho Ibrahim.

Furthermore, Mr. Ahmad Ridho Ibrahim explained that the essence of the first quiddity of Taqwa is Al-Khaufu Minal Jalil (a          taqwa which will make a person feel afraid of Allah Ta’ala who has the nature of Jalal). With this feeling will makes us think twice regarding every behave we want to performs and also with this feeling shall increase our faith and bring us closer to Allah Ta’ala. Therefore in this fasting month by carry on all the commandments and avoiding any proscription from Allah Ta’ala based on the fearness to Allah on the basis of fear of God makes us the beings who are always closer and pious to Allah Ta’ala.

Second, Wal ‘is a bit tanzil (a benefaction based on the Qur’an). With the existence of life guidance in the form of Al-Quran and As-Sunnah which has been handed down by Allah to Rasulullah  certainly makes us won’t undertake a benefaction without knowing the provision or it wold be called ‘blind taqlid’. Thus, we will reach the degree of taqwa based on what had been explained in the Qur’an and Hadits.

Third, Al-Qana’atu bil Qalil (receiving (qona’ah) against the few). The believers always live on the easy street, they never moan regarding what Allah had given. This feeling is also means that Allah do love them. Let’s say we already have income from being a civil servant, we should always have an adequate amount for the income. It’s our apetite that sometimes did not satisfy us. May Allah make us blessed people rather than kufr with the blessings.

Fourth, Al-isti’dadu li yaumir rakhil (preparing for the day of migration). The migration from this wordly life to the grave then ended with the afterlife. It means all believers re get ready for preparing the reward to bring it to death, the ressurection towards the afterlife.

May in this blessed month, in this month of Ramadan, we become believers as God has promised in His word. The Quiddity of Taqwa is to obey all of Allah rules and avoiding all of Allah restrictions. {KIM}

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