PA Manna Held The 110TH National Rising Day Ceremony | Monday (21/05) Manna Islamic Court held a Flag Ceremony in commemoration of the 110th National Rising Day of 2018. The ceremony was held at the Islamic Courts of Manna and started at 08.30 WIB followed by all employees, CPNS Cakim and Honorer Islamic Court Manna .

Implementation of this ceremony stated in the Letter of Secretary of Supreme Court Number. 289 / SEK / KS.00 / 05/2018 by following up the Letter from the Minister of State Secretary of the Republic of Indonesia Number. B-350 / M.Sesneg / Set / TU.00.04 / 05/2018 regarding the Implementation of the National Rising Day Memorial Ceremony.

Indeed the Day of the National Rising falls on May 20, but because on that date was Sunday, then the ceremony performs today. The theme of the 110th National Rising Day of 2018 is “Human Resource Development Strengthening Pondation of National Rising Day in Indonesia on this Digital Age“.

The Chairman of the Manna Islamic Court (H.Hartawan, S.H., M.H) was led it as the ceremonial inspector. After reading the Pancasila oath with the opening of the 1945 Constitution, the Chairman then re read out the Speech Script of the Communication and Informatics Minister of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Rudiantara.

In National Rising Day speech persuades us to take a lesson from previous struggle which done by our predecessor. As the example, with the limited facilities and infrastructure in every sector, the burning passions from the society stil exist and bring forth to many human resources which are strong, bright and full spirit of nationalism.

President Joko Widodo also stressed the development of Human Resources. With the existence of skilled and educated human resources could be improve the economic competitiveness and simultaneously increase the capacity of human resources. Therefore, through National Rising Day this should be interpreted with the effort of awareness of every Indonesian people to develop themselves and seize every good chances.

In the Digital Age this should be utilized to develop the cretivity of human resources in Indonesia, it’s good not to make this digital world as a solver to the nation. But its better make it as a means to unite and strengthen the nation in the eyes of the world. Because with the human resources, especially the younger generation, will bring the glory to the nation in the coming years.

The 2nd Class Islamic Court of Manna wishes Happy National Resurrection Day 2018. Through the judiciary let’s regenerate, let us strengthen, let us rekindle the spirit of nationalism. {KIM}

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