The Manna Religious Court Participates in Technical Guidance for Improving Rka-Kl in PTA Bengkulu | Thursday (08/08) At 4:00 p.m. WIB at the Hall of the Bengkulu High Court of Religion held a guidance and refinement of the RKA-KL of the 2019 budget ceiling by the Supreme Court. This technical guidance program is held for 3 (three) days starting from August 9 th, August 11, 2018.

This activity was followed by the Secretary, Head of Subdivision of Planning, IT and Reporting as well as Operators in the religious court and general court area of ​​Bengkulu province. And in the implementation of this event was attended by the Head of the Supreme Court Administrative Affairs which was overseen by Ibrahim, SE., M.M. (Head of Budget Plan I) together with a group from other Supreme Court.

The event was also attended by Chairman of the Bengkulu High Court H. Wahjono, S.H., M.Hum, Chairperson of the Bengkulu High Religion Court represented by Drs. H. Sudirman Cik Ani, S.H., M.H (Bengkulu High Court Judge), Registrar and Secretary of the High Court and Bengkulu High Religion Court.

The implementation of the improvement of the 2019 RKA-KL budget ceiling was officially opened by the Chairperson of the Bengkulu High Court H. Wahjono, S.H., M.Hum. In his remarks he said “in each work unit planning is the beginning and important for the success of the work unit. Therefore, we as a judicial institution that has a budget must plan carefully so that it fits the needs of the work unit “.

“We understand that the budget we have is still not enough to meet the desired needs. But this should not make us pessimistic to advance our respective satker, both religious courts and general justice. We must be able to maximize the budget given by the government as well as possible and as efficiently as possible “. He continued.

On this occasion the Head of the Supreme Court Administrative Affairs, represented by Ibrahim, S.E., M.M., also gave his remarks. He conveyed the message from the Head of the Administrative Affairs Agency in terms of the direction of the Supreme Court’s planning and budgeting policy in 2019. As well as describing what the Supreme Court’s national priority activities will be in the future.

“The Supreme Court’s budget this year is not in accordance with what we have proposed, but we must continue to struggle and be optimistic about this budget. The Supreme Court will continue to support the courts throughout Indonesia, both regarding infrastructure and strengthening access in the courts. Moreover, we have many new courts this year, including in Bengkulu, “he said.

On Friday (08/10) before the RKA-KL mentoring and attacking event for the 2019 budget ceiling ended, a symbolic handover ceremony was held by the Head of the BUA MA RI represented by Ibrahim to the Secretary of the Bengkulu PTA and PT Bengkulu.

At the end of the event the Chairperson of the Bengkulu High Court of Religion, in this case represented by Hakim Tinggi H. Sudirman Cik Ani, officially closed the event and also expressed his gratitude to the team from the Supreme Court who had guided in this event and also to all participants who attended this event. Hopefully this event will benefit us all for the progress of their respective satker. {KIM}

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