Laying the First Stone of the Guard Post of the Manna Religious Court | Guard posts are one of the most important parts in an environment. This is because it involves security, peace and order in an environment. Because the presence of a post for security guards or security will provide a sense of security and peace for the surrounding environment.

The Manna Religion Court itself since its establishment did not yet have a guard post for the security guard on duty. During this time security guards guard alternately to secure the office environment without a guard post.

Therefore the Manna Religious Court always tries to hold guard posts. Aside from being a security facility, guard posts are also an important value in the assessment of the Quality Assurance Accreditation System (SAPM).

Moreover, in the past few months the guard post was one of the findings of the HATIBINWASDA PTA Bengkulu which must be immediately followed up by the Manna Religious Court. Because infrastructure facilities such as guard posts are included in the assessment so that Manna PA can maintain A Excellent accreditation received last year.

Responding to this matter PA Chair Manna H. Hartawan together with Deputy Chair Rusdi, S. Ag certainly did not remain silent and moved quickly to promote the guard posts within the Manna Religious Court. And on Friday, 10 August 2018 symbolically laid the first stone for the construction of the Manna Religious Court guard post by the Chair and Deputy Chairperson.

This guard post will later be built with a size of 2 x 3 M² by working in mutual cooperation by the employees of the Manna Religion Court itself. Hopefully, with the construction of this guard post, security, order and the comfort of justice seekers will be more secure and the PA Manna will be more peaceful. {KIM}

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