Get to know each other and expand brotherhood | By being friendly we can also know each other and expand brotherhood. Initially only knew one person, then many would know other friends or relatives that we might not recognize before. Without friendship, of course this is difficult. We will not know family, other friends, even though all Muslims are brothers. This is the Function of Religion which commands silaturrahim which can have a very good effect on human life.

Alhamdulillah, this afternoon Tuesday (07/08) At 3:00 p.m., the Manna Religion Court again held a large family gathering activity which is always carried out every month. This gathering was held at Sopiah’s house, S.H. (JSP PA Manna) having its address at Jl. Cap. Buchari Mount Egypt, Manna City.

As usual after the event was opened by the host, PA Chair Manna H. Hartawan delivered his speech. In his remarks, he first thanked the home experts for his remarks and dishes in the afternoon. He also hopes that this gathering will be a place to continue to strengthen the kinship of the Manna PA family. Because with the increasing number of greetings, meeting each other, smiling at each other will certainly strengthen the brotherhood.

Replying to what was conveyed by the Chairperson of PA Manna, as well as the trial there was a duplicate replication. The host also delivered a short speech delivered directly by Miksan Suhardi (Husband). He also did not forget to say thank you as much as possible to all the employees who had attended his residence.

“We, a big family, thank you for the presence of all the ladies and gentlemen. This is our residence. Hopefully our friendship relationship will be more closely guarded in the future. This is the third time arisan at our home during our time at PA Manna and we hope that you will all spend this meal, “he said at the end of his speech.

Before eating a “French meal” that has been provided by the host, prayer readings were performed by one of the CPNS Cakim Azhar Nur Fajar Alam. Then just proceed with a meal with a menu of fish and pendap tempoyak which is typical of “Jemau kamiu” Manna until it is finished.{KIM}







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