Chairperson of the Bengkulu High Court of Religion Conveyed the Results of the Leadership of the Supreme Court | Monday (08/06) located in the Hall of the Bengkulu High Religion Court Chairperson of PA Manna (H. Hartawan), Secretary (Maryanti, SH), and Registrar (M. Sahrun) together with other leaders of the Religious Courts in the PTA Bengkulu region who attended the meeting coordination held by the Bengkulu PTA.

In this coordination meeting, one of the things presented by the Chairperson of Bengkulu PTA H. Pelmizar was to convey the results of the guidance of the Chair of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia. As is known that on July 31, 2018 the Chairperson of Bengkulu PTA was present at the coaching event by the leadership of the Supreme Court in this matter delivered by Dirjen Badilag Dr. H. Aco Nur, S.H., M.H. in Padang, West Sumatra, precisely the Office Hall of the Governor of West Sumatra.

From the results of the guidance, there were three KMA instructions submitted by the Chairperson of Bengkulu PTA to the coordination meeting participants. First, that Badilag will immediately hold a One-Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) competition, in which each PTA must appoint one of the religious courts in its territory to take part in the competition and of course the religious court has implemented and quality in one-stop integrated services. And the results of this race assessment will later be used as an internal Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at each level of appeal.

Second, KMA through the Director General of Badilag instructed the appellate court leaders to re-evaluate the Independent Bureaucratic Reform Assessment (PMRB) in their respective regions. This must be done because the Supreme Court’s PMRB value has declined this year, because it no longer actively reviews eight areas of governance reform. This was conveyed by the Head of the Bengkulu High Religion Court.

Then, the Chairperson of Bengkulu PTA conveyed the message and the latest KMA instruction, which is related to the Quality Assurance Accreditation System for courts throughout Indonesia, especially those that have not been accredited to immediately or even have to complete accreditation in 2018. And it will be evaluated later before the National PTWP implementation in Bali next September.

That is 3 (three) important points submitted by the Chairperson of the Bengkulu High Religion Court regarding the results of the guidance of the Supreme Court Leader. With the instruction of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court it is of course to be followed up and resolved, both for the appellate court and the first level court. {KIM}

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