Manna Religious Court Participates in Coordination Meeting of Religious Courts in the Bengkulu High Religion Court | The Bengkulu High Religion Court again invited the leaders of the Religious Religion Court to attend a coordination meeting. In accordance with the invitation received by PA Manna that the coordination meeting at the Bengkulu PTA will be held on Monday August 6 2018.

The Chairperson, Registrar and Secretary of the Religious Courts in the Bengkulu PTA area began arriving at the location of the coordination meeting event which was located in the Hall of the Bengkulu High Religion Court. The coordination meeting which began at 09.00 WIB was opened by the Secretary of PTA Bengkulu Hendriansyah, S.H.

But before the presentation of the coordination meeting material that will be presented by the Chairperson of Bengkulu PTA. Firstly Deputy Chair H. Abd. Hamid Pulungan delivered his remarks before the participants present this morning.

On this occasion the Deputy Chairperson of the Bengkulu PTA thanked the participants who were present without being represented even though the invitations received were relatively sudden. Then he strongly emphasized to the religious court to continue to actively input SIPP as stated by Director General Badilag, “there is no reason for a little or a lot of cases, each court must implement one publish one day one minute”. he insisted

After the remarks from the Deputy Chairperson of the Bengkulu PTA, then H. Pelmizar as the Chairperson of Bengkulu PTA delivered 2 important points which will be discussed in this coordination meeting. the first point to be discussed is the emphasis on work programs and the second is related to the guidance material of the leadership of the Supreme Court when conducting guidance in Padang, West Sumatra.

In connection with the work program of the Chairperson of the Bengkulu PTA emphasizing that the implementation of the tasks that have been carried out in the work unit has been agreed with the Governor and the Ministry of Religion on integrated services. Thus the regional PA must immediately coordinate with the local government to be implemented immediately.

“To the Chair of the PA to continue to improve supervision of each report made, whether it is a monthly report or something else. And also the guidance and supervision program in semester 2 of 2018 must be in accordance with the provisions and be followed up with monitoring “. he continued.

In addition to this, the chairperson of the Bengkulu PTA Chair also strongly emphasized to the Regional Religion Court to hold activities such as forums or Training at Workplace (DDTK), this is expected with such activities can improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) which is in their place.

Those are some of the points presented by the Chair of the PTA Bengkulu in this coordination meeting. The participants also looked very solemn in listening and paying attention to the material provided by the Chairperson of the Bengkulu High Religion Court until the event was over. {KIM}

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