The Observation Preparation of New Religious Court (Kaur & Seluma) | Manna, 27/11/2017 The Religious Courts of Manna Class II are Religious Courts since its establishment, its jurisdiction covers 3 districts of South Bengkulu (Manna), Kaur (Bintuhan) and Seluma (Tais) districts. However, by 2018 there will be a new Religious Court in the Supreme Court environment and 2 of which will be in Seluma District and Kaur District.

The Manna Religious Court, which has been the jurisdiction of the two districts, must have been preparing for the establishment of the two Courts together with the Bengkulu High Religious Court. In recent days PTA Bengkulu and PA Manna went straight to check and ensure the preparation of a new PA in Seluma and Bintuhan, even the PTA Chairman of Bengkulu went straight down to make sure.

Likewise with the leadership and employees of PA Manna always coordinate directly with the Local Government of Kabupaten Kaur and Kabupaten Seluma to smooth the formation of a new religious court. Especially about the certainty of a temporary building that will be a new religious court building later, during the building of the Religious Courts in the Development process. as well as a review of the land / location to be constructed by the new Religious Courts building. Surely this requires a good synergy or cooperation with the local government of Kaur and Seluma.

The local government (Pemda) in the two districts of Seluma and Kaur strongly supports the development of Religious Courts in the District. Because with the existence of this religious court is very helpful to the community as the justice seekers to take care of every case which is long distance is often a constraint, because the distance traveled from Kaur and Seluma to Manna Religious Court takes approximately 2-3 hours.

All good parties are the High Court of Bengkulu, Manna Religious Court, Pemda Kaur and Pemda Seluma and the whole community as the seekers of justice are hoping to be smooth in the formation of this new Religious Court. And the License of Allah SWT new Religion Court in 2 districts will be operated in February 2018 later. [KIM]

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