PA Manna Ready to start SAPM again | Tuesday (08/05) The Islamic Court of Manna holds a meeting in order improving the Quality Assurance Accreditation System (SAPM) in 2018. The meeting in PA Manna Hall at 08.00 WIB led by Chairman of SAPM Team, PA Manna Rusdi, S.Ag., MH, and attend by all employees of PA Manna.

As already known that the Islamic High Court of Bengkulu has submitted SAPM Guidance year 2018 through letter No. W7-A / 741 / OT.01.2 / 4/2018 to the entire Islamic Courts thereunder. In the letter there is an appendix in the form of Book I (SAPM Standard Guidelines), Book II (Explanation of SAPM0 Standard Guidelines, Book III (SAPM Instrument Guideline) and Book IV (SAPM Assessment Guidelines).

With the latest SAPM 2018 guidelines, an automatically changes occurs which had to be made by SAPM PA Manna Team. But this year SAPM PA Manna Team experienced the changes regarding the addition of the misbar team members to PA Manna and also with the CPNS Cakim in PA Manna.

In the submission from the PA Manna Chairman of SAPM Team said that in accordance with the direction of HATIBIWASDA PTA (Islamic High Court) Bengkulu yesterday that PA Manna SAPM Team should have start in May this to complete and to update SAPM files which had been changed from 2017 SAPM.

Accordance with the latest Standard Handbook could be known some changes, including in the previous SAPM: the assessment standard only consists of 3 items; Management Administration, Secretariat Administration and Clerk Administration, but this year added with one item of Infrastructure.

Not only that, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for example also undergo various changes, either new SOP or SOP revision that has been preceding in accordance with the latest guidelines. Therefore Vice Chairman of PA Manna as Chairman of SAPM Team emphasized to the whole team to restart to succed this PA Manna SAPM.

From this day on I expecting all of us to start again, work together in order to face this 2nd volume of SAPM, there would be a reassessment in this November,” he explained.

With this 2nd SAPM volume, may SAPM team of Manna Islamic Court would be working together again, shoulder to shoulder to maintain the A Excellent value that has been achieved before. Spirit. {KIM}

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