PA Manna Filling The Holy Month With Ashar Preach | Thursday (15/05) / 1 Ramadan 1439 H is the first day of Muslims in all over Indonesia fulfilling their obligations to Allah. The day that every Muslims should endure their appetencies and at the same time where they took a holy war against it. Every Muslim should be happy upon the coming of Ramadhan.

The same atmospheres happen to all employees of PA Manna. They feel excited to welcome the Ramadhan include the activities in it.

As previously performed, PA Manna always hold an activities to fill this blessed month with positive things and to increase the faith. For example, on this day after dzuhur congregation prayer around 12.30 pm at Baitul ‘Adli Mushola in PA Manna, the employees listening to the preach by the Chairman of PA Manna (H. Hartawan, S.H., M.H).

This preach, which called kultum (seven minutes preach), is not only for Ramadhan. PA Manna usually conducts the kultum once a week ba’da Ashar prayer. In this special month, there should be a special treatment for the activities as well. Kultum in Ramadhan month shall be held every day in noon after Dzuhur prayer. What a spiritual splash for our faith, Alhamdulillah.

This had been prepared by the committee, especially the Manager of Baitul Adli Mushola, starting from the schedule, who will be the preacher of the preach and the host of it. We all wishing this activity will be worth the most; that it will improve our knowledge regarding how great Islam is, strengthen the meaning of ukhuwah and above it all, make us all better than yesterday in Allah way. (KIM)

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